"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 28 November 2011

Weekly update 25 October 2011

Hello Sapadens!

So this week we have some more pictures, we start off with a typical
Preparation day meal, a mervelous invention, if I do say so myself.
Then a picture to show you that I am not starving, that is my storage
cupboard, and of course I have more items in the fridge and freezer.

A now you have a picture of my new companion, Elder Lintusaari, he
says he knows Elder Karjalainen, from stake events and things,
speaking of which, their is a missionary in the Staines ward, Elder
Keck or something like that, he is a great friend to a missionary
called Elder Roberts who entered the mission at the same time as me,
feed Elders Folkerson, (if he is still there) Keck and Elder
Karjalainen especially well.

I was also thinking that you didn't have an updated picture of me,
with a side part implemented, so yeah, that was taken in a rush 5
minutes before I sent this e-mail,

I have received all the packages now thank you, you are such an
amazing family, thanks for all the gifts and things, the backack is
now being put to good use. Our investigators are all doing well, and
some are even progressing to baptism, hopefully they will be able to
have that opportunity very soon.

We have found an area where their is alot of phillipino homes, it is
like a gold mine, we are setting up appointments with many of them, I
was challenged to try and communitcate with them in Tagalog during
doorstep conversations, it was a little strange trying to do so, my
companion finds it pretty effective I sure hope it is, he even wants
me to knock the doors in that area because my knocks might be more
phillipino than his.

This week we managed to find 8 new investigators (that is amazingly good)

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