Hello Everyone!

I really can't believe I am here again, things keep picking up and the
times I wish things could slow down are plentiful, I love trials and
opposition, they refine you... in fact I wish I could have more of
them. It is a brave statement, but without sacrafice and increase
refinement we aren't fulfilling our purpose in this life.

Something I enjoyed this week was presenting a training to the
missionaries in the Liverpool Zone, I had given a few district
meetings but it was the first real time I had to cater my training
skills to such a variety of missionaries with their individual needs
and desires, it was interesting but I took to it very nicely. It
reminds me that we need to have "whole soul devotion" to what we do,
thinking about those things and times I could have gone back on my
mission and told myself "just let go" or "do you really think that is
going to help you on your mission?" I wish I had let go of the things
that keep me from achieving my full potential earlier on my mission,
but I have repented since... I invite you all aswell, to take those
things that keep you from being the "best you", take them away.

Mormon.org seems to be doing a lot of work for us recently, we have
had success with it, just referal after referal. The people that
usually refer themselves to us have usually done a lot of reading
around, so you never know what to expect during a visit with one of
those referals, for example... this week we taught a mormon.org
referal and he had questions about everything from Outer Darkness, to
the Urim and Thummim and the Word of Wisdom. It is so great because it
absolutely keeps you on your toes.

This week I've pondered quite a few things, I think as you grow older
in the mission field most of your thoughts are preoccupied by three
major things: 1) your investigators 2) other missionaries (especially
if you are a missionary leader) 3) your companion. There aren't many
instances of "you" time. One of our investigators really is a
"investigator" in terms of looking out for any unreallness or any
things that aren't quite right. It is so scary to teach someone like
that, she can read us like a book, every thought, every suggestive
body movement that might signify nervousness or deceit, will be
instantly recognised.

I absolutely love it! It helps me grow, it helps me get rid of any
"conditioned behaviour" such as the "I know that what my companion
said is true" phrases that just come out of those robotic
missionaries, if I wanted my investigators to hear robots I would just
record the lessons and give it to them, but there needs to be a
sincerity, a knowledge, things that are "caught" instead of "taught",
those things will bring true and lasting conversion, it is an exciting
time for me.

The last principle that I want to highlight that I learn this week,
sort of deals with a successful marriage. On your mission your really
and truely learn life lessons, I wouldn't want to say I've learn how
to deal with women on my mission, but perhaps I could say these few
words of advice to perhaps a few men that need it, including myself.
Firstly, I would like to put a disclaimer, I didn't learn this out of
disobeying mission rules or anything like that... it was just
revelation at a needed time. It's a very simple principle. Listen.
More importantly however, Listen to the things that AREN'T being said.

I just want to repeat that again, "listen to the things that aren't
being said" it is good to listen, but listen and think... I wish I had
learned that a lot sooner, so many failed times where I have thought
"I am such a good listener, in fact I might just call myself Mr.
Fantastic" didn't produce the desired outcome. Preach my gospel
teaches us, when you listen with love, you will always be given what
to say. People generally highlight what they are comfortable with, but
they will never speak about their fears or state bluntly what they
actually want, I find that women perhaps more so than men fit this
category more (it's a generalisation) but when we listen to what isn't
being said we better understand their fears and perhaps what they are
uncomfortable with, when we can better address what they are scared
of/ what they aren't comfortable with... then we are a true friend and
that is when we are really helping them, perhaps even though they
might not know why we are addressing those completely random subjects.

It is a very powerful tool when used with the spirit, for instance I
had an instance where a missionary asked "why am I not happy in
missionary work?" and all I had to say "Elder... how are your prayers
going?" completely not addressing the question, but God sure knows
better than I do.

It has been a good week, we even had 5 of our friends at Church. But
try listening to the words unspoken... you will see miracles, just try

With Love,

Elder Sapaden