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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Weekly Update 22 November 2012

Pictures of the Missionaries in the Liverpool ward just before
transfers, we had 4 companionships and one missionary in eeach
companionship got transferred,

I got a picture with my new companion, Elder Corbin... he is the
taller one in the last picture.


I've been bouncing around the mission so fast these few weeks, who
knows where I could end up next year. But, it is exciting and fresh.
I've been transfered to Chester.

It's an interesting place Chester... our missionary flat is on the
Border of Wales and England and we drive between Wales and England
almost every hour, it's a fun experience, the missionaries in the
Chester Zone cover most if not all of Northern Wales.

Missions are interesting, my first two areas were 6 month areas and my
last two areas have been 6 week areas. It seems like I go in to areas,
find and teach a lot of people and I leave the Baptising to other
missionaries, which is okay, because they are the Lords baptisms at
the end of the day. These past few weeks in the Liverpool Zone we have
been reaching new heights we even had about 30 investigators at
sacrament in the Liverpool ward, that is just pure amazing!

However, Christmas in Chester is going to be amazing, because we cover
some of England and Wales, we have a huge area! Driving is always fun
on those small welsh roads... it's all full of hills, it reminds me of
driving on the Isle of Man a little. Chester is a very posh,
traditional place, and our missionary flat is way nice... I slept like
an angel last night.

Leaving Liverpool was hard... it was by far one of my most favourite
areas, not that I don't have "not favourite" areas, but it was a good
learning and growing area, eventually we saw so many miracles and so
many families come closer to Jesus Christ and many people in Liverpool
were just ready and humble enough to receive the gospel.

However, transfers is not a time to look back, it is a time to look
forward. I can see amazing things happening in Chester, it will be a
revelatory time and a time to shape up. Have I mentioned we have a
weight bench in our flat? Isn't that just gorgeous. Plus I'm going to
get myself a Welsh missionary name badge. The ward here seems great,
we went to youth last night and it was so fun, the youth want to serve

I think I might call it Celestialisation in Chester. The Celestial Law
is one of sanctification, of dedication and of refinement. When we
meet those requirements then we are Celestialised. Chester is the
place were it is going to happen.

I'll e-mail more on Monday! Possibly with some more interesting facts.

With Love,

Elder Sapaden

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