"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 28 November 2011

Weekly update 28 November 2011

Dear Family!

So this week has been full of amazing events. Lets start off with a
little story:

Before boarding a bus we talked to a man before a bus stop, something
we do for fun to keep it exciting is have the person we are having a
meaningful conversation with guess our nationality. Elder Lintusaari,
being Finnish often gets Polish, Russian, German, Swedish. He gets
countries that are very close yet very far. I have never once got a
guess that I am english, for obvious reasons. This man was convinced
that I was Hawaiian, it really made my day, it was funny and Elder
Lintusaari were just very cheery for the rest of the day. We have a
less- active member who is convinced that I am Tongan and tell the
rest of the Ward, "have you seen that Tongan missionary yet?"

Of course we get people with the anti- American feelings in the North-
west of England telling me that I am American and I should go back to
America, and sort out the problems I have in my own country. To which
I obviously reply "I'm trying to sort out my country, you're not
letting me. I'm from London" to which the perplexed individuals just
seem to flee and brush it off. I mean I've had two American companions
but do I really seem American? Only time will tell.

This week we have actually had a supremely amazing week, having taught
over 20 lessons. These e-mails just seem to be progressing in a way of
information to stories because I have another of the latter to share:

Last week we were travelling home from an area we rarely go to because
of it geographical location, and so it is not too much of a familiar
area for us. As we waited at a bus stop, there was no one around us
and we watched a woman cross the road. Immediately she said "Mormons,
are ya?" to which we were speachless, us as missionaries go around
starting these conversations, talking to these different people. Very
rarely people start conversations with us (believe it or not). We
found out that she had been married to a Member of the Church and had
been less- active for over 20 years.

Her name was Burnadette, she had invited us to her home later in the
week to have a conversation with her and to find what was once there.
So we did exactly that! This last sunday (yesterday) she came to
church for the first time in over 20 years, she rejoiced because she
saw many of her old friends still there in attendance.

That morning where we were in the area we usually don't venture to we
didn't see much success, but we were there to meet her. Heavenly
Father had placed us in the path of one of his daughters who had been
lost for over 20 years, and now she has been found and has made the
beginning steps in returning to his fold. Such a Miracle!

It's getting harder and harder to stop people on the street because of
the weather, I've been trying to tell them "Don't worry, I know it's
cold. We are sharing a warm message!"

On Friday we had a ward activity where the Priesthood brethren
organised a meal for the Relief society sisters. We were able to serve
them, provide much entertainment and have such a wonderful evening,
these events when done correctly and organised properly provide such a
wonderful uniting experience for the whole ward. I truely felt part of
the Rochdale ward family. This was expressed this last sunday.

On sunday, expecially being a morning the members usually greet the
missionaries as "Morning, Elder" just in passing, they say things like
"Hello, Missionaries"

However this Sunday I was evidence of the wards love for me in almost
every greeting I got "Hi Elder Sapaden! How are you?", "Elder Sapaden,
how was your week?", "Elder Sapaden we need your help: Can you play
the organ for us in Sacrament?" they had said my name not just "the
Elders", I truely was "their Elder Sapaden"

I sent my family a funny story concerning a musical item that took
place in a stake conference:

The missionaries in the Ashton Stake, and the Manchester Stake had
organised that they were singing a musical item "Called to Serve" as a
surprise to the members in a recent stake conference, I was privilaged
to be part of this magnificent display.

Since Elder Lintusaari had came to Rochdale we had been visiting a
particular family, with whose children had grown particularly
attatched to me. We often played games with each other and they knew
me as "their missionary"

During this wonderful musical item, the children being particularly
restless because of it being a long church meeting began to be loud
[not in a bad way] they immediately saw me singing my heart out and
were shouting "that's my brown missionary!" I was so happy and just
began to sing my heart out even more, they are my heroes. I love
member- missionary relationships.

I love my mission.

Elder Sapaden

Weekly update 16 November 2011

Hello Family!

This week has been amazing, I've had so many good experiences! We have
4 people now dated for baptism. It is amazing we are going to baptise
so much. We had a sports day here as missionaries where half of the
mission play sports for a day, It was the first time I've played
american football, it was quite good.

We started this week to an amazing start, I had a nice exchange with
Elder Whited, our district leader. I learn't so much, it seems the
same for him too. I'm just so excited to spread this gospel!

It seems that we are facing alot of opposition here aswell, but we
press forward and just continue. The weather is completely different
now, from when I first got here. It is very cold and many missionaries
seem to be getting ill, but I continue to press forward. I don't have
time to get sick.

It is transfer week this week, so that is why I'm writting later than
usual, but I'm not getting transferred, I am staying here for another
6 weeks! I will be staying in Rochdale (my first area) for a total of
6 months. Which means I will get to spend Christmas in my first ward!
I absoultely love Rochdale, I think it is the best place on earth. The
members are fantastic and I have such great relationships with them
all, relationships that I will treasure forever.

We have had some amazing miracles this week, we have explored the
areas that missionaries have hardly worked in before. We had an
adventure in a place called Whitworth, in Whitworth we have just met
so many amazing people. In the center of Rochdale, almost everyone has
spoken to missionaries, everyone knows who we are even before we open
our mouths, but in Whitworth, missionaries have hardly gone there so
they have no previous conception of what we do.

There is just so much potential in these areas that missionaries don't
normally work in. One success story is find a man called Steven,
steven had just recently lost his dad and he was looking for somewhere
to turn to, we just happened to be at the place at the right time, the
right surroundings, we helped him understand that there is more to
life and now he is investigating the Church. Rochdale is just full of

Church in Rochdale is so good! I'm pretty much the Ward organist (the
ward organist comes to chuch less than once a month) the Ward gets me
to help them in all their musical items and everything else. They
don't want me to leave, because of my talents.

It's so amazing all the changes that seem to be happening while I'm on
my mission. It seems like just yesterday I came to Manchester, I know
that God lives.


Elder Sapaden.

Weekly update 31 October 2011


This week has been such a great week, we started this week by tracting
(knocking doors) with our ward mission leader and another member. I
was with the other member and Elder Lintusaari was with the ward
mission leader, it was some quite a good night, we had managed to set
up 8 appointments all together, the member I was with and myself
tracted around where our Bishop lived, Bishop Smith. We even managed
to set up an appointment with our Bishops next door neighbour. I value
the members in our ward so much, they help us so much. That night
myself and the member I was with even managed to teach a lesson to one
of our investigators. I love working with the members.

We have been focusing alot of our missionary work on our updated ward
list where we had identified active members, less- actives and recent
converts by colouring in the names of the members in three different
colours, we were able to try by many of the members on the ward list,
and I know that by using them the missionary work in this area has
been forwarded so much.

One of the best feelings a missionary is when children tell us that
they want to be like us when we they grow up. We have been visiting a
family called the Mainwarings, they are amazing and they have three
young children who aspire to serve missions someday. They love us and
when ever we pass we hear a loud shout "Missionaries" in young
childrens voices, the youngest is about a year old and whenever we are
about to leave she runs up to us to shake our hands. Being a role
model is one of the most gratifying feelings.

Growing and developing as a missionary is such an amazing thing, as
soon as you leave a lesson, you think "what could I have done better
in that situation?" you never stop analysing it and you keep growing
as a missionary, you keep growing as a person. During another visit
with John he asked: "Do miracles really still happen?", in this day
and age it is so hard to recognise miracles, we take advances in
science and technology as granted. John had been hospitalised for
alcohol problems for 4 times now, he had shared with us that the
doctors said that he should have died the first time he was in
hospital for alcoholism.

I had shared with him, how I knew that despite the amount of times he
had been in the hospital, and the times he should have died, he was
alive now and that was all that mattered. He acknowledged that he
being alive even now was a miracles and was soon grateful for us
pointing that out to him. I let him know that God gave him this chance
for a reason. To receive this gospel. I wouldn't have known the
experiences he has had if I hadn't have listened to him. Sometimes
more important than speaking, is listening. I know this for a fact.

Recently, Elder Lintusaari and I have pondered what the strength of
our companionship as missionaries is, by various investigators and
members we have received the nicknames "Good cop" "Bad Cop", Elder
Lintusaari says very Very VERY bold things, he gets the point across
so bluntly, he says what he thinks, he is nicknamed "Bad Cop", because
he is very blunt with the truth. I am nicknamed "Good Cop" because I
reinforce what Elder Lintusaari says immediately without a moments
hesitation. I reinforce what Elder Lintusaari says with a loving

I love using that phrase "we only say these things because WE LOVE
YOU!" I let our investigators know what I feel, because of this I am
nicknamed "Good cop" Elder Lintusaari and I are such a great teaching
companionship because of this, he says all the necessary things that
need to be said, I relate all the necessary feelings that need to be
felt. We are such a great companionship together!

I love you all, I know that this is his Church and that he lives, even
Jesus the Christ our older brother and our saviour.

Elder Sapaden.

Weekly update 25 October 2011

Hello Sapadens!

So this week we have some more pictures, we start off with a typical
Preparation day meal, a mervelous invention, if I do say so myself.
Then a picture to show you that I am not starving, that is my storage
cupboard, and of course I have more items in the fridge and freezer.

A now you have a picture of my new companion, Elder Lintusaari, he
says he knows Elder Karjalainen, from stake events and things,
speaking of which, their is a missionary in the Staines ward, Elder
Keck or something like that, he is a great friend to a missionary
called Elder Roberts who entered the mission at the same time as me,
feed Elders Folkerson, (if he is still there) Keck and Elder
Karjalainen especially well.

I was also thinking that you didn't have an updated picture of me,
with a side part implemented, so yeah, that was taken in a rush 5
minutes before I sent this e-mail,

I have received all the packages now thank you, you are such an
amazing family, thanks for all the gifts and things, the backack is
now being put to good use. Our investigators are all doing well, and
some are even progressing to baptism, hopefully they will be able to
have that opportunity very soon.

We have found an area where their is alot of phillipino homes, it is
like a gold mine, we are setting up appointments with many of them, I
was challenged to try and communitcate with them in Tagalog during
doorstep conversations, it was a little strange trying to do so, my
companion finds it pretty effective I sure hope it is, he even wants
me to knock the doors in that area because my knocks might be more
phillipino than his.

This week we managed to find 8 new investigators (that is amazingly good)

Weekly update 17 October 2011

So this week has really been amazing, we now have an investigator with
a Baptismal date, he is called Akin, he is from Nigeria.

This week I have just developed so much as a missionary, I just begun
to feel so comfortable and have really settled into this work. The
members in this ward love me and can all say my name right! I have
developed so many great relationships with the members in Rochdale. I
can talk about all of the members in my ward with love and I know they
will support me with any decision we make as missionaries.

This week we also sat down with our Ward Mission Leader with the Ward
list and coloured in Active members, Less- Actives and Recent converts
and Auxiliary Leaders, we have brought the missionary work in the
Rochdale ward to a whole new standard. I am so grateful for the
efforts of members in this area, we have visited many less actives,
found on the ward list and we are seeing miracles as we start to work
with them.

In Rochdale you meet all different cultures, much like London, we see
many Portugese people, Polish people, you name it we have it. It is so
funny, I came to this mission expecting to talk english my whole time
here, now I am having almost whole conversations in Portugese, it is
amazing, I start a conversation in Portugese from someone that looks
like they come from Portugal and they reply back to me in Portugese
thinking that I really can speak their language.

We are still meeting many new different people and we are uniting with
members in this mission, our goal is to receive many refferals from
members because they immediately have a friend in the Church and they
are more likely to stay active in the Church because of that friend.
We are working on ways to develop that trust relationship with members
so that they can trust us to work with their friends and associates.
In my spare time I have been making these Mini thank you card out of
sticky notes and then dropping by members and sticking them on their

I can only begin to imagine how refreshing that must be for some
members to come home after work, and see that their missionaries in
their ward care enough about them to stop by and thank them for coming
to church/ their efforts in missionary work, because of this we have
really changed Rochdale around with the lords help, it just seems that
we are travelling from one teaching appointment to the next, before we
had to find alot through our own efforts, but now we are blessed with
many investigators through members efforts.

We have seen so many miracles this week aswell, we told our
investigator Akin to bring a question to Church, he came to Church
with a situation in his mind that he wanted an answer to, he had
recently fallen out with a friend and wanted to know more about
repentance and forgiveness, during last Sundays gospel principles
lesson it was on Exaltation, what a topic. The teacher explained what
we need to do in order to be exalted, Akin was sitting next to Elder
Lintusaari and I, he was taking notes on the lesson and was listening

After Church Akin shared that he got his question answered, he had
received guidance on how to deal with that situation, Repentance and
Forgiving others is necessary for Exaltation so Akin heeded that
council and told us that he will apply that in his life. I am so
grateful for the inspired lessons in Gospel principles and I know that
he was able to receive guidance from Heavenly Father about what he
should do.

On Saturday morning we got a call from a member of the Bishopric
telling us that we needed to give a 20 minutes talk on the following
day, Elder Lintusaari and I were flustered because of the short notice
and because we weren't given a topic to work with, I didn't know what
I should talk about. Heavenly Father however did know what I should
talk about, before my mission I would have struggled to fill a 20
minute talk, but I can tell you that yesterday (Sunday) I gave one of
the best talks I have ever given in my life, about missionary work and

I shared many personal experinces, and it was a great talk. The ward
Organist wasn't present so I also played the music for sacrament and
for a musical item. They have probably never seen a missionary give a
talk and play the organ in the same meeting yet, I am so grateful for
these opportunities I have to serve the people in Rochdale.

Thank you for all your prayers and letters, just a note I will be
receiving a months worth of letters tommorow so if you haven't had a
reply yet it's only because I haven't got your letter yet, so expect a
reply soon!


Elder Sapaden.

Weekly update 10 October 2011


Well starting for Monday, october the 3rd I need to update you all on
alot of recent events. That Monday unfortunately my previous companion
Elder Misbach had failed his driving test (Jeralee I'm sure you will
do well, no pressure) he had failed during a roundabout in the first
five minutes of his test, it was excruciating to see him have to
continue his test in vain.

We are expecting to have many baptisms this new transfer, I am so
excited! Elder Lintusaari and I have planned to take the Rochdale ward
to a whole new level, we have asked for an updated ward list, and we
have asked our ward mission leader to go through all the names with
us, we plan to make contact with all the less- actives and re-
activate them, Rochdale is like the Staines ward, it has alot of less
actives and they need visiting, we have alot started to explore our
map in our flat and make out our areas of focus aswell as make where
investigators, less- actives, members and many other people live.
Rochdale is being taken to a whole new level!

During our first lesson together Elder Lintusaari and I visited a
less- active family as we taught, we taught in unity and we taught
well together, the Less- active family consists of a father, a mother
and three young children, two boys and one girl. As we taught well and
supported each other, the youngs boys told us that they "want to be
missionaries someday"

Elder Lintusaari is allergic to sugar, so he has the potential to
become my favourite companion, the reason being: after a dinner
appointment when members bring out dessert he tells them that he
cannot have any sugar, so I get twice the amount of dessert, one
member in particualar offered Elder Lintusaari some Fruit (he is very
allergic to any sugar, so he can't even have Fruit or Juice or
anything) so then they give me the fruit. I tried to say that me and
Elder Lintusaari won't both have dessert because of his allergy and I
was willing to give up dessert but, he tells members that I love sugar
so yay! more dessert for me!

By the way, a little surprise here: Elder Misbach said he was good
friends with Elder Martin that served in our ward. Elder Lintusaari
came into the mission as Elder Kassinen but had a name change to Elder
Lintusaari, and he says that he is Melissa Kassinen's counsin. He says
"say hello to Melissa"

During my first day with Elder Lintusaari the first person we had a
conversation with is a man called Akin, from Nigeria. He was in a rush
and so we only managed to tell him where our church was and when it
started, alot of people will not come to church even if we tell them
where it is and what time it is. Akin showed up to our Church on
Sunday, it was such a miracle. We taught him after Church and he is
now dated for baptism for the 5th of November.

John is amazing as usual, he is still our most progressing
investigator, the first time I met him he told me that he wouldn't be
joining any church, he was quite the skeptic. But now he has totally
changed contenance, let me recount on his progress so far, John was an
alcoholic, he lived on alcohol when we first met and he didn't believe
a word we said, but we continued teaching him anyway. In one of our
recent lessons he said "I just can't put the book (the Book of Mormon)
down, if feels like I'm drawn to it, I don't know what it is" he has
been diligently reading the Book of Mormon and praying for an answer.
He has also been clean from alcohol for almost two weeks now.

He is seeing these changes in his life and last Sunday, yesterday, he
even came to Church with us. John has social avoidance disorder and he
doesn't like sitting in groups, so he said he had to leave, so he left
after Priesthood meeting (Rochdale has Priesthood first, the Sunday
school and Sacrament meeting last) at 2:53pm after church he left us a
voice mail. I was scared that John didn't like Church and didn't want
to learn anymore. It was the total opposite.

Now let me share the biggest miracle of my mission so far. During
Johns voice mail he said: "You have accomplished in a few weeks what
doctors have been trying to do for 30 years now" John isn't able to
sit in large groups, doctors have tried to help him through this
problem for over 30 years now, but he sat with us in priesthood in a
large group. Heavenly Father saw his willingness to go to church and
blessed him with Strength and Courage to stay even for one hour of
Church. At first I was a little disappointed because our investigator
didn't manage to come to the Sacrament meeting. But now I am happy
because he is taking BIG steps. I have no doubt he will be able to get
baptised pretty soon.

Doctors have tried to get him to sit in large groups for over 30
years, simple 19-20 year olds with Gods help, allowed him to sit
contently in a group within a few weeks.
During that voicemail he also said one line I will never forget: "I
want to join your Church" with God all things are possible!

This has been the biggest miracle of my mission so far, it brings me
to tears even recounting it in this e-mail.

Brothers and Sisters, I know this Church is Gods Church, even the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints!

Elder Sapaden.

Quick Email

So... just a quick e-mail because it is transfers today, I got a new
companion his name is Elder Lintusaari. The computer was in perfect
condition and the only way a virus could have got on the computer is
if someone in the Family downloaded something. Please don't download
many things in the Future, that is the reason why I had my password to
protect the computer from these scenarios, even when you murmured
against me for it.

Anyway, yeah my new companion is from Finland. I will be sending a
longer e-mail on monday, because that is our proper Preparation day,
it is 4 o' clock right now and we still need to do many, many things
to prepare like shopping, before 6 o' clock. I am still in Rochdale.

Please translate that Fillipino E-mail you sent me because I cannot
read Fillipino and we only have so much time to read and send e-mails.

The computer does not have a CD in the Purple Box because the System
was already in the computer. So it didn't require a CD to start the
System. Maybe we can buy a computer when I come back so no one need to
interfere with it. I can keep it virus free and educate you all on
what is safe and what is not safe.

I have received the sweets, they were nice. Thank you, but the Gloves
and the rest won't come for another long while. My new companion and I
will have an amazing time in Rochdale, he seems really nice and I am
sure we will get along very nicely.

I am spending 4 and a half months in Rochdale so far, potentially even
6 months, a quick success story is this:

We are teaching a man called John, he has some struggles with alcohol
and has been trying to get off the Alcohol for a while now. Recently
we taught him to have faith in trying to quit. He is slowly quitting
as we have tried to implement some ideas to get him off of alcohol, we
have planned to go on walks with him as well as cutting his garden
with him.

During one of our lasts visits John shared many things with us. He
told me that every time he has a drink now, he thinks of ME sitting
next to him, telling him not to do it. I am glad that John is able to
recognise that we love him enough to tell him to quit, he has been
clean from alcohol for 4 days now and he is progressing nicely to

I'll write more next week.

Elder Sapaden

Monday, 21 November 2011

Weekly update 21 November 2011

Hi Family!

This week we truely have had some great experiences. It's only been 4
days since, my last weekly update, so this one is pretty short this

Well you won't believe this but this week I have really taken my
musical ability to a whole new level! Perhaps this is the cause of
being far away from a piano from a long while but, I wrote a song in
my dreams this week!

During last wednesday, I had received some quite life changing news
and it caused me to have some really deep self- evaluation. So
probably because of the cerebral excitement and a few other factors, I
wrote a song in my sleep. The first two verses go like so:

What do you do?
When you're feeling all blue.
Your world has collapsed
Your life's overcast

What do you say?
When nothings okay
Your lifes in the past
Sorry, but it didn't last

It is a little sad and emotional, but good news people! I'm mildly happy now.

Anyhow, apart from writing a song in my sleep there have been a few
other interesting parts, both my companion and I got sick this week,
not stay in flat sick, but the seasonal cough and cold. We bought some
medicine! The members love us so much even they gave us some medicine!
During this weeks Self- evaluation I really prayed earnestly. It was
really a week of prayer.

During one of our lesson we were supposed to teach one of our
investigators with the Europe Area President: President Kopischke,
unfortunately he wasn't able to make it. Before the lesson I told
Elder Lintusaari: "Imagine taking a leader whose responsibility is to
look after the whole church in Europe, now Imagine taking him to our
Investigator John ____. That is what we are doing!" It was some very
exciting times for both of us.

It was still such a very spiritual experience, John was overcoming an
addiction and we gave him a priesthood blessing, such a fantastic and
spirit filled lesson.

We had our Ashton Stake Conference yesterday aswell! Guess who we saw:
Melissa Kassinen, she had found out that my companion was her cousin,
they hadn't seen each other for over 10 years, and she didn't know
that I was serving with him, when I was her it felt like I was
institute all over again. Such fun times, we took a picture with her.
It is so strange to see your friends whilst your on your mission.

It was amazing though!

Elder Sapaden

Monday, 7 November 2011

Weekly update 07 November 2011

Kumusta Familia!

So this week, we started with Halloween, I can't say it was as
exciting as I remember it to be, as missionaries in the England
Manchester Mission we have to be indoors by 5pm on Halloween, so we
worked on the Monday morning and had prepation day from 1pm - 9pm, it
wasn't bad. I spent some quality time writing letters.

On monday evening though I received a phone call from our Bishop, we
had a funeral the next day and he forgot to arrange a Organist to play
for the funeral he asked for me and he asked if I could play at the
funeral, we told him that we weren't allowed to go to funerals and
that we also had a dictrict meeting to go to the morning of the
Funeral, and so the bishop had phoned our mission
president to ask permission for me to go to this funeral.

The mission president gave permission to the bishop and so at 11am the
next day I was at a funeral playing the organ and our district meeting
got moved a day back.(because I had to play at the funeral) I love the
Rochdale ward, I love when they rely on me, it makes me feel needed,
and I love serving them.

I have seen countless blessings from serving the members I know that
Heavenly Father is pleased when we serve and members have shown their
love for me by inviting us around to dinner.

I had a wonderful exchange this week with a missionary called Elder
Kuchar, Elder Kuchar and I came out to the mission field at the same
time, and we are serving around each other so we spent 3 days together
in Rochdale and worked together, he is amazing he has been a member
for less than 3 years and he is a fantastic missionary.

On this exchange we had the most tiring service in the world, I loved
it though, we had helped build a bonfire for a less- active member,
the bonfire consisted of wooden palates, not the light flimsy kind
that one person can lift, but quality wooden palates that need 2
person to carry, they were quite heavy, so for two hours me and Elder
Kuchar had to carry these very heavy palates and stack them one on top
of the other, this wooden stack was magnificent when we had finished,
it had reached about 9 foot high and 20 foot in width and length,
after all the physical exertion, the next day getting out of bed was a

My forearms are still recovering from that service 5 days ago.

We had a fantastic sunday yesterday, we managed to bring 7
investigators to church and 12 people (including those who wern't
investigating and their children) all to church, it has been an
amazing week, 7 investigators at sacrament meeting is
really good for our mission, last week Elder Lintusaari and I had the
most investigators at Church in the whole England Manchester Mission.
Rochdale used to be a 4 missionary area, but it is being managed well
by me and Elder Lintusaari, we are doing so good, we are a strong
companionship and we are working well together!

We are expecting to have a baptism really soon, two of our
investigators Aneeka and Anushka are getting baptised on the 26th of
November. We have so many investigators in Rochdale and they are all
at different levels of progress, hopefully we will be able to help
them all return to our Heavenly Father.

Our investigators are doing wonderful, we have over 10+ portugese
investigators here, it is amazing to teach them they are so humble and
just want to learn more, they should send Elder Miranda here, we would
have a great time together.

This week we received a picture from two of our investigators, these
pictures were drawn by our 9 year old investigators, they love us
teaching them, and we try to make their lessons fun and they decided
to give us a present. We recently taught them the plan of salvation
and I described Paradise/ Celestial kingdom to be like a
party, everyone is happy... e.t.c, In this picture is drawn the
celestial kingdom with smiles, cake and balloons. I love how literal 9
year olds perceive a party to be like, they are such fantastic

I love you all, I am having a great time here! My mission is going too fast.

Elder Sapaden