"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 7 November 2011

Weekly update 07 November 2011

Kumusta Familia!

So this week, we started with Halloween, I can't say it was as
exciting as I remember it to be, as missionaries in the England
Manchester Mission we have to be indoors by 5pm on Halloween, so we
worked on the Monday morning and had prepation day from 1pm - 9pm, it
wasn't bad. I spent some quality time writing letters.

On monday evening though I received a phone call from our Bishop, we
had a funeral the next day and he forgot to arrange a Organist to play
for the funeral he asked for me and he asked if I could play at the
funeral, we told him that we weren't allowed to go to funerals and
that we also had a dictrict meeting to go to the morning of the
Funeral, and so the bishop had phoned our mission
president to ask permission for me to go to this funeral.

The mission president gave permission to the bishop and so at 11am the
next day I was at a funeral playing the organ and our district meeting
got moved a day back.(because I had to play at the funeral) I love the
Rochdale ward, I love when they rely on me, it makes me feel needed,
and I love serving them.

I have seen countless blessings from serving the members I know that
Heavenly Father is pleased when we serve and members have shown their
love for me by inviting us around to dinner.

I had a wonderful exchange this week with a missionary called Elder
Kuchar, Elder Kuchar and I came out to the mission field at the same
time, and we are serving around each other so we spent 3 days together
in Rochdale and worked together, he is amazing he has been a member
for less than 3 years and he is a fantastic missionary.

On this exchange we had the most tiring service in the world, I loved
it though, we had helped build a bonfire for a less- active member,
the bonfire consisted of wooden palates, not the light flimsy kind
that one person can lift, but quality wooden palates that need 2
person to carry, they were quite heavy, so for two hours me and Elder
Kuchar had to carry these very heavy palates and stack them one on top
of the other, this wooden stack was magnificent when we had finished,
it had reached about 9 foot high and 20 foot in width and length,
after all the physical exertion, the next day getting out of bed was a

My forearms are still recovering from that service 5 days ago.

We had a fantastic sunday yesterday, we managed to bring 7
investigators to church and 12 people (including those who wern't
investigating and their children) all to church, it has been an
amazing week, 7 investigators at sacrament meeting is
really good for our mission, last week Elder Lintusaari and I had the
most investigators at Church in the whole England Manchester Mission.
Rochdale used to be a 4 missionary area, but it is being managed well
by me and Elder Lintusaari, we are doing so good, we are a strong
companionship and we are working well together!

We are expecting to have a baptism really soon, two of our
investigators Aneeka and Anushka are getting baptised on the 26th of
November. We have so many investigators in Rochdale and they are all
at different levels of progress, hopefully we will be able to help
them all return to our Heavenly Father.

Our investigators are doing wonderful, we have over 10+ portugese
investigators here, it is amazing to teach them they are so humble and
just want to learn more, they should send Elder Miranda here, we would
have a great time together.

This week we received a picture from two of our investigators, these
pictures were drawn by our 9 year old investigators, they love us
teaching them, and we try to make their lessons fun and they decided
to give us a present. We recently taught them the plan of salvation
and I described Paradise/ Celestial kingdom to be like a
party, everyone is happy... e.t.c, In this picture is drawn the
celestial kingdom with smiles, cake and balloons. I love how literal 9
year olds perceive a party to be like, they are such fantastic

I love you all, I am having a great time here! My mission is going too fast.

Elder Sapaden

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