"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 28 November 2011

Weekly update 16 November 2011

Hello Family!

This week has been amazing, I've had so many good experiences! We have
4 people now dated for baptism. It is amazing we are going to baptise
so much. We had a sports day here as missionaries where half of the
mission play sports for a day, It was the first time I've played
american football, it was quite good.

We started this week to an amazing start, I had a nice exchange with
Elder Whited, our district leader. I learn't so much, it seems the
same for him too. I'm just so excited to spread this gospel!

It seems that we are facing alot of opposition here aswell, but we
press forward and just continue. The weather is completely different
now, from when I first got here. It is very cold and many missionaries
seem to be getting ill, but I continue to press forward. I don't have
time to get sick.

It is transfer week this week, so that is why I'm writting later than
usual, but I'm not getting transferred, I am staying here for another
6 weeks! I will be staying in Rochdale (my first area) for a total of
6 months. Which means I will get to spend Christmas in my first ward!
I absoultely love Rochdale, I think it is the best place on earth. The
members are fantastic and I have such great relationships with them
all, relationships that I will treasure forever.

We have had some amazing miracles this week, we have explored the
areas that missionaries have hardly worked in before. We had an
adventure in a place called Whitworth, in Whitworth we have just met
so many amazing people. In the center of Rochdale, almost everyone has
spoken to missionaries, everyone knows who we are even before we open
our mouths, but in Whitworth, missionaries have hardly gone there so
they have no previous conception of what we do.

There is just so much potential in these areas that missionaries don't
normally work in. One success story is find a man called Steven,
steven had just recently lost his dad and he was looking for somewhere
to turn to, we just happened to be at the place at the right time, the
right surroundings, we helped him understand that there is more to
life and now he is investigating the Church. Rochdale is just full of

Church in Rochdale is so good! I'm pretty much the Ward organist (the
ward organist comes to chuch less than once a month) the Ward gets me
to help them in all their musical items and everything else. They
don't want me to leave, because of my talents.

It's so amazing all the changes that seem to be happening while I'm on
my mission. It seems like just yesterday I came to Manchester, I know
that God lives.


Elder Sapaden.

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