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Monday, 21 November 2011

Weekly update 21 November 2011

Hi Family!

This week we truely have had some great experiences. It's only been 4
days since, my last weekly update, so this one is pretty short this

Well you won't believe this but this week I have really taken my
musical ability to a whole new level! Perhaps this is the cause of
being far away from a piano from a long while but, I wrote a song in
my dreams this week!

During last wednesday, I had received some quite life changing news
and it caused me to have some really deep self- evaluation. So
probably because of the cerebral excitement and a few other factors, I
wrote a song in my sleep. The first two verses go like so:

What do you do?
When you're feeling all blue.
Your world has collapsed
Your life's overcast

What do you say?
When nothings okay
Your lifes in the past
Sorry, but it didn't last

It is a little sad and emotional, but good news people! I'm mildly happy now.

Anyhow, apart from writing a song in my sleep there have been a few
other interesting parts, both my companion and I got sick this week,
not stay in flat sick, but the seasonal cough and cold. We bought some
medicine! The members love us so much even they gave us some medicine!
During this weeks Self- evaluation I really prayed earnestly. It was
really a week of prayer.

During one of our lesson we were supposed to teach one of our
investigators with the Europe Area President: President Kopischke,
unfortunately he wasn't able to make it. Before the lesson I told
Elder Lintusaari: "Imagine taking a leader whose responsibility is to
look after the whole church in Europe, now Imagine taking him to our
Investigator John ____. That is what we are doing!" It was some very
exciting times for both of us.

It was still such a very spiritual experience, John was overcoming an
addiction and we gave him a priesthood blessing, such a fantastic and
spirit filled lesson.

We had our Ashton Stake Conference yesterday aswell! Guess who we saw:
Melissa Kassinen, she had found out that my companion was her cousin,
they hadn't seen each other for over 10 years, and she didn't know
that I was serving with him, when I was her it felt like I was
institute all over again. Such fun times, we took a picture with her.
It is so strange to see your friends whilst your on your mission.

It was amazing though!

Elder Sapaden

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