"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Weekly Update 28 March 2013


Well, I'm in Stoke On Trent. If you couldn't tell by the subject line.
Let's rewind, shall we?

Runcorn is such a good place, this transfer has been hectic. We have
27- 30 new missionaries in the mission with only 2 going home. My
experience this past few days, can be summarised in the word "new"

New flat never has been lived in, new area practically untouched, new
keys to new flat, new phone doesn't even have a regular missionary
number, new address, new area book with no investigators at all not
even any former investigators and to top it all off. New missionary.

I've been called to "White- wash train" my new companion is Elder
Christiansen. He is from Lindon, Utah, he is fresh out of the MTC,
yesterday we taught his first lesson, gave his first Book of Mormon
away, we knocked his first door and met the Ward Mission Leader and
Bishop for the first time. This twist is, I know the area as well as
he does. Another interesting fact to point out is. That he is one of
the missionaries the new missionary policy has affected in America. He
is 18 and isn't going to be 19 for a long time.

A postive highlight we have experienced, is we have a very, very, very
nice missionary flat. 2 Bathrooms, 2 toilets, two showers, very nice
kitchen, new furniture. This morning we had breakfast which consisted
of tinned boiled vegetable and tinned lamb curry. It was so new our
cutlery was in plastic bags along with our new pans. New beds, new
pillows, new duvets. New.

I understand James Knight has served in Stoke. The great thing is I've
been comforted by the fact that Elder Christiansen and myself are
litterally starting from scratch. Indeed it was a scary thought to
receive a new address, where I have no clue to get their with my new
companion with both my luggage and his, in the middle of Manchester.
It seemed like one of those secret missions that starts off by opening
a mysterious brown envelope.

But I am Stoked, for Stoke. We were comfortable leading the mission in
probably almost every way from Runcorn, we taught more than anyone
else, we left the area with 3 investigators lined up for Baptism even
though we came in with nothing. I really don't like white washing but
it is my 3rd time I've white washed and am pretty accustomed to all
the stresses associated with it. It was funny to note that I've never
whitewashed with a new missionary or sort of opened a brand new area
with one either. We were always replacing previous missionaries
efforts. However, I suppose when we came into the Runcorn area, we
equally had nothing when we came in aswell.

Stoke reminds me of Bolton, we have a lot of people here, a lot of
different ethnic groups and a lot of interesting interactions, so far
this week I've been damned to hell by a fellow christian, had quite
interesting encounters with the opposition and knocked on a home with
guard dogs. Missionary Life, eh? Oh, and it feels like forever ago
since then, but last Saturday we had a Baptism.

Jess got Baptised, the Baptism was great, it was very hectic, because
we had a Blizzard in Runcorn, where it was a literal "white-out" we
had to shovel the snow for 2 hours before the Baptism and after 10
minutes of shovelling you are already tired, some people were stuck
and couldn't get out of the house it was so bad, but she got Baptised.
It was so frozen the Boiler in the Church broke so she got Baptised in
cold water.

I sure love my mission!

Elder Sapaden

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