"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Weekly Update 2 April 2013

What a week!

15 new investigators in 3 days, we have hit the streets of Stoke hard.
It has been miracle after miracle. Our first Sunday in Stoke, we had
an "on-the-spot" musical item, here we have Church services from
2pm-5pm, really weird. Before hand we had lunch with the Bishop, I
shared with him that in Bolton on the second sunday I had a musical
item, he commented "we can beat that" I didn't really take notice to
it. I told him that Elder Sutton, one of my previous companions was
serving in the Newcastle ward (we share the Newcastle Chapel), just
after sharing our introductionary testimonies whilst walking off the
stand bishop, pulled me to the side and asked me if Elder Sutton was
still in the Building. I called Elder Sutton, who was at the time
lying on his couch in his flat having lunch and told him to be at the
Chapel in less than 5 minutes. 5 minutes later and a very surprised
Elder Sutton with me at the piano presented on my first sunday in the
Stoke ward a well presented version of "Come thou fount, of every
blessing" just as we did about 9 months previous when we were both
serving together on the Isle of Man.

It was unpractised and it has been for over 9 months, but we performed
together again just like we did yesterday. Bishop definately broke my
record. First Sunday in a new ward, musical item. With 5 or so minutes
of warning, impressive, eh? It was as flawless as it was 9 months ago.

Another Miracle! My first Sunday, a Phillipino family who hasn't been
quite so active in the Church showed up. They welcomed me as a fellow
Phillipino, invited us around for a Dinner appointment and referred us
to her niece who has been going to Church pretty regularly, hasn't
received missionary lessons, and to be honest we don't know why she
hasn't already been baptised. Miracles. Apart from that we already
have 3 progressing investigators and it has been less than a week we
have been here. One Chinese, one african and one english.

The Bishop has been very supportive, infact, he let us help him give a
presentation on the Public affairs side of Mormon.org last Sunday,
where members walked away from Church with a new sense of
determination and new copies of the Book of Mormon to give away to

I love Stoke, the miracles, don't seem to stop. My companion is from
Lindon, Utah, if you were wondering "why the subject line?" He is
doing great.

Sorry, it's short. Life is hectic.

Love you all!

Elder Sapaden

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