"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Weekly Update 14 February 2013

It is a new beginning, a new transfer and a time to work even harder than before. Life seems to be racing by. Let me tell you of a fun experience we had at a dinner appointment. We were able to go to a family home evening this monday where the member asked me if I had seen the Ensign, I hadn't. He showed me a picture of a some missionaries, I saw Elder Miranda, I thought I saw another missionary of Samoan desent, but It just turned out to be me, the member thought it was a polynesian missionary aswell. It was pretty funny, pick up your ensigns look in the middle pages, in the UK section of this Febuary's ensign. What I find most funny is in that picture you see all the other missionaries working very hard, then you see Elder Miranda standing around and me smiling at the Camera. Golden! eh?
I've consumed so many pancakes this week it is unreal, we had a pancake eating competition with some members for lunch this week and it was very intense. I hope I never eat another pancake until next year. In other news, I have a new companion, I'm showing him the ropes of being a Zone Leader it is his first time being one, and so I'm training him on all the things we need to do. His name is Elder Webster, just like the dictionary. He is from Mesa, Arizona, he currently is working to get his english driving license, so it looks like I'm doing all the driving for the next few weeks, I mean that would be okay in normal life, but when you put things into perspective, we have driven over 1000 miles already this month. Yesterday was so intense, I went to transfer day, there are so many new missionaries, espcially a bunch of Sister Missionaries, this influx of new missionaries with the age limit for missionary service is hitting our mission hard. They are just all so young.
We have had a fairly average week, teaching non- stop, we are aiming for 30+ lessons these up coming weeks, hopefully we can throw some records out the window, with that being said, it was pretty interesting to watch our car windscreen being replaced. Well, I'll be e-mailing again on monday so take a look at that Ensign bit in the UK pages this Febuary.
With Love,
Elder Sapaden

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