"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekly Update 22 October 2012

Hello Everyone!

To explain what I mean by the subject line (they are usually stretches
of actual truth) this week I caught my companion in a huge pool of
water. It was pretty intense... I was actually witnessing this event
here is my account of the dealings:

"My companion actually in a huge pool of water, he was practically
swimming. That is so unapproved. Then it appeared that he was actually
trying to get someone to join him. This person came up to him and
grabbed his arm, they were practically wrestling, finally he dunked
this young candidate into the water. He even pulled him back up. They
were both wearing white."

You got it... we Baptised! It was so good and he [Ben] is going to
serve a mission!
It is such a wonderful feeling to Baptise, the difference between the
"Before" and "After" are greater than any comparison of photos can
provide, it is the essential essence of life. It is beautiful, it is
between staring at the gate and actually entering in and in a very
literal sense knowing "the grass is greener on this side rather than
the other." Word cannot express the sacred relation of this covenant,
"how it is possible?" and the "why? it is possible"

Ben is a great young man and is very settled into the ward, he is part
of one of them and he is just amazing! He is great dreams and desires
and he is going to be a missionary one day, I just know it.

Liverpool is just the land of dreams, everyone has a special vibe to
them and there is so much potential in this area, I can easily say it
is going to be one of my favourites. The members here are very
strong... many of them coming from the early days of the Church in
England. Something that I have particularly enjoyed is the culture, it
is very Comical and just everything you would think about in an
earlier society.

We have found 2 families to teach, a Hungarian family and a Czech
family. Teaching both with out the aids of Pampflets or DVDs is like
playing a game of Sharades. It is amazingly difficult and sharpens our
teaching skills very well. Let me tell you of a sacrafice they have
made this week. The Hugarian family came to Church yesterday.

Imagine a very cold morning, those brisk, foggy ones that you wouldn't
dare think of walking through. Imagine those cold winds and despite
perhaps a few sinners returning home from a late Saturday night
walking through this morning of an early Sunday it is you and your
family. All of them came, 4 Adults and 3 Children walked perhaps 20-30
minutes to get to Church, that is sacrifice. That is the Gospel of
Jesus Christ, in one of its purest forms. Are we Transforming members
of the Church or are we Conforming members of the Church? Do we really
seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all it's righteousness? or do we
let ourselves fall short and say "eat, drink and be merry", "God will
justify in commiting a little sin" let us all be familiar with a hymn
"Praise to the Man" for within it is contained one of the most
essential truths of the Gospel "Sacrafice brings forth the blessings
of Heaven"

This family in a very real was experienced this atonement on
yesterday's unforgiving, foggy, brisk morning... I would say you could
even compare that to what those early saints did on those plains in
those exact same conditions. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it was
exactly like that but I am saying, there is no better way to prepare
for God than through sacrafice. Which that Hugarian family did.
Imagine those little Children, those sacrafices they made to try and
get themselves closer to God through sacrafice.

But I want to highlight a point nonetheless, ask yourself... right
now. At this very moment "What are you Sacraficing?"

I'm not asking you to account to me, but account to yourself. Never be
in a position to say "nothing" because if you aren't then you my
friends are not taking advantage of the Atonement. This is an extreme
way to say it but I will say it "if you aren't sacraficing, then to
you that Atonement has been in vain" I pray that you will sacrafice,
countless times in the Old testament sacrafices were made for whatever
reason they may be; repentance, self mastery, gratitude. Sacrafice is
one of the quickest ways to get closer to our Saviour and Redeemer. I
know if you Sacrafice those blessings of heaven will come as you trust
and apply through faith that eternal and infinite atonement. The price
has been paid, the law given, it is your choice to use that free gift.
I pray that we will all use it.

With Love,

Elder Sapaden

p.s. we are so going to get a member to give them a lift to Church next week.

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