Hiya, duck.
This week has been quite wearing out, it has been a time of running, a time of reflection and remembring. I love the journey, when you look back on it all what you have done, who you have become. But you are just worn out. I wouldn't want it any other way, but everytime I manage to have a seat it seems that as soon as I close my eyes I just want to sleep, it's a strange state, I don't think I've ever been pushed to that limit/ capacity before but I welcome that feeling it is a great one!
I've really grown in a capacity of a district leader, I've grown so much, infact a word of celebration makes me full of joy. My district is currently preparing 9 souls for Baptism, we have been praying for each other, finding people to teach together and just strengthening each other through training and other means and it has worked out. We might be the highest "going to be" baptising district.
We have been spending a lot of time outside of Bolton due to my district leader resposibilities. We spend some time in Altrincham at the Mission Home as District Leaders to talk about the needs of the mission, I absolutely love the time I receive to litterally stand on the shoulders of giants. It's always a great spiritual experience.
We had a district meeting on the next day and even the mission president and the zone leaders came. It was the best district meeting I've ever given, the church is all about training, we help each other, or as Moroni 6 puts it we "Nourish" each other and help each other be perfected. Accepting the invitation to follow Christ is not the easiest one, it is an invitation do keep his commandments and become like him.
A highlight of my week was a comparison between Star Wars and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with one of our most progressing investigators, Ash, he is so great and just willing to learn, we came up with a few comparisons, my favourite one being the Force obviously is like God, in certain places we learn that he is all encompassing, in all things and through all things there is a huge comparison there but we extended it. To use the force one must be focused, concentrated on only the best of best and it can only be handled upon principles of righteousness, being like the Priesthood (D&C 121) It is something I know many would consider geeky, but for an investigator to create a means of understanding principles of the gospel through analogies is great, so the force and the priesthood. Amazing. He gave me a quote I would remember for a lifetime "mormons with lightsabers"
So, being worn out in the service of God is great, but it isn't fun being in one of the wettest parts of England and having holes in your shoes, I've "upgraded" I figured why not, my suits are old and my shoes are old, I found the best place in the world, it's called "Slaters" eloquently posh, at affordable Elder Sapaden prices. So good!
We had a lot of Less- Active members come to Church which was such a great event, I love it and it shows to me that no effort is wasted.
My little spiritual segment for today comes from Helaman 5 read it this week and ask yourself "why is it important to remember?" even you don't escape homework from the missionaries.
With Love,
Elder Sapaden
(It is transfer Preparation Day, transfers is on Wednesday next week so don't expect an e-mail next Monday)