Hello Everyone!

I am just so Celestial right now, if I could describe it in a few
words I would express myself by saying I was in one of those skin care
adverts where peoples skin is just literally glowing. I feel that I am
glowing! But not translated, just like Steven in the Sanhedrin.

This week was just "worth it" I had a great exchange as a Zone Leader
with a missionary that is struggling slightly it was a great life
lesson, I think you pick up a lot of those on your missions. It was a
parenting lesson I would say. People around you will always struggle,
it is by the nature and virtue of this mortal state, things happen
people get upset but you have to deal with it. As missionary leaders
we have wonderful opportunities to give correction, now we aren't the
"Police" of the missionary world, but we are the people who "love"
people into living their full potential, the greatest tragedy in this
world is unfulfilled potential, and so it is just like Jesus Christ to
help us become what he sees in us.

We are still teaching our wonderful Czech and Hungarian families, they
are progressing like Lehis family to the Promised Land. The
commitments and soul searching that they are making are just so
wonderful. We had a great opportunity to fast this week, fasting for
me is one of the hardest things ever, if there is something that I
love, it is food. However, a enhanced understanding of the "Why" makes
it all worth it. Fasting is not just going without food because God
says so, it is much more than that simple way of thinking it is
communion, communication, reconcilation with a diving being and our
mortal will being swallowed up in his will.

Something that was fun was picking up the Isle of Man missionaries up,
remember a few months back I took the Sister missionaries out of the
Isle of Man, well this Transfer they took the Elders out and put the
Sister Missionaries back on. It was great being able to recall the
times I was an Isle of Man missionary being thrown out on to the
streets of Liverpool by the Liverpool Zone Leaders at the time and
talking to people for 9 hours, it was exhausting. It was good to talk
to them and to talk about the Isle of Man... the perks of being a
Liverpool Zone Leader I suppose.

This week we had President Kearon come to visit the mission, he was
great he was real and he gave the mission just what was needed, it was
a time for revelation and learning... I love receiving personal
revelation, without it we would be lost.

This week we have decided to up the University work, it will be great
to see how this upcoming week will be, just focused on the University
area, I love it!


Elder Sapaden