"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 3 December 2012

Weekly Update 03 December 2012

Photos first :)
More sheep than people!

More of Wales

More of Me and Elder Corbin

 Well, there is a picture of me today, and some pretty pictures of Wales.


It has been another very interesting week. It has been quite cold here
in Chester. This week we have been moving around a lot, one of the
things we do often is to exchange with other missionaries, I went to a
place called Porthmadog in Northern Wales and Elder Corbin went to
Wrexham. Porthmadog was quite intense, it was one of those places
where there were more sheep than people, it was very scenic and it
comes close to how pretty the Isle of Man is, it was very fun there.
It is probably the furthest away area in the mission (excluding the
Isle of Man) it takes perhaps more than 3 hours from Manchester, but
it was so worth it.

The work here in Chester itself is amazing! We have an investigator
Dated for Baptism and we have many other investigators working toward
Baptism, the future in Chester looks bright. Plus we have a good ward
here and spending Christmas here as a missionary is going to be

We have had a lot of fun this week and working with other missionaries
is great. Here in the Chester Ward we are very integrated into the
ward as missionaries, we are even part of a ward Nativity, we are
dressed up as Shepards and it is going to be fun.

Something I've been thinking about is the importance of personal
revelation in the mission field. Many times missionary leader try to
teach the importance of a principle to another missionary. It goes in
one ear and out the other. The best teaching is "caught" rather than
"taught", however even those various methods of teaching will not
work. The same with our investigators we try to help them gain the
vision that we have with them. I feel that the most common mistake
other see in missionaries is that the missionaries "convert"

The missionaries themselves do not "convert" rather we teach for
conversion. So how do we do that? Well... we cultivate and nourish an
environment for personal revelation, they do the converting be we
teach to be converted. It led me to this wonderful thought "The best
lessons a missionary can learn are the lessons he or she learns on his
or her knees." When we make the best guesses or even the most logical
or argumentative debates, if we are seeking our own will, then it is
not Gods will. Revelation is the key to the Celestial Kingdom.

With Love,

Elder Sapaden

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