"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekly Update 17 December 2012

 A picture of me,
I just wanted to show you how good of a cook I have become. Seriously I could become a chef someday.



Missionary life is all about adventure after adventure. Sometimes
missionaries definately overplay the thing that happen to them on
their missions, but this week was filled with moments that could have
went horribly wrong, times where my whole life flashed before my eyes
were on the increase. I have a strong testimony that I have guardian

Wales is a good country, it is filled with scenary, sunsets and sheep.
I love it! One of our investigators is a walking miracle. She is
perhaps the best investigator I've ever taught, she has been smoking
every hour since she was 13, she had a lot of trials growing up we
gave her a Priesthood blessing this week and she hasn't reverted to
the cigarettes since. What a miracle.

Much of this week has been helping the missionaries around us fulfill
their potential. It has been exciting, I've never spent so much time
on my mission driving around seeking to do one thing after another.
Some people may find happiness in the journey, a whole day where there
is always something to do, it also feels that sometimes there is no
room to breathe, but I prefer it this way, it seems that I wake up and
sleep and it goes so quick.

I spent some time with a younger missionary from Tenesee he had one of
those accents where you want him to say such things as "Life is like a
box of Chocolates" I love these moments of training and guidance where
you get to pause for a short while and remember what it is all about.
We learnt the lesson together, a lesson I learnt long ago on my
mission but tend to forget sometimes. Missionary work is fun, if not
then you are doing it wrong.

The Chester Ward is such a good ward, I really do like it here.

With Love,

Elder Sapaden

"Count your blessings, but more importantly... make your blessings count"

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