"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 2 July 2012

Weekly Update 02 July 2012

First some Pictures :)

 The wettest day ever, I squeezed my sock, that day every part of my clothing was just soaked through, even my shoes. When it's wet on the Isle of Man, it's really wet.

 Also some pictures of the Isle of Man currency, there is a One pound note floating around and I want one so, happy trading! You can use normal english money here aswell as Manx money you just can't use Manx money in England.

Today we went to the Manx Museum and it was great, There is a picture of me today, and my new haircut.

I love Manx galic it's a beautiful language, not many people speak anymore.


What a time it is to be alive! This week I became two decades old, we didn't do anything that special... I went to KFC, I've done a year without KFC, it was too long without KFC, so I really appreciated it and I got a ferry ride to Liverpool, we were in England for a few days because of a Zone- Meeting. It was really nice. Got to teach some Chinese people with the Liverpool chinese missionaries. Here is the miracle, by virtue of being manly I didn't bother to get any cake, however a Chinese Investigator we taught had a surprise for us... it was wrapped and in a little bag, she told us it was her birthday and so she got some birthday cake for us, and so on my birthday I did have birthday cake. It was a tender mercy. We had a ferry ride for my Birthday, aswell. Riding the ferry is quite unusual, it's like a 2-3 hour boat ride and it's really strange because it has an aeroplane feel so it feels like I'm always in a foreign country on the Isle of Man.

Well... things sure are starting to get lively here, we have done so much good, we taught our Chinese Investigator family again, we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it seems to be going smoothly thus far, it will be interesting to see how it's going to progress. Another great miracle came from speaking to everyone, while we were knocking doors I saw a person walking accross on the other side of the street so we went to talk to that person, he immediately realised who we were and let us walk with him to his home where we taught him, he is doing great and accepted to be baptised and is excited to do so! He already wants to change his life and has a desire to repent, I really do know that Heavenly Father prepares people for us to speak to.

An interesting point of this week, is we knocked a door of a Castle, it was really strange, there are many Castles here on the Isle of Man and it is very strange when some of them have been converted into homes, so I can say I have knocked the Door of a Castle on my mission, you just don't think "I'm going to the England Manchester Mission to knock some Castle Doors" but we speak to everyone and it is so fun to do! Something that I have found very effective on my mission is asking members for advice, I've been able to see such great effects on my mission from doing so thus far. This sunday we asked many members this question: "Hi Brother... what would you do if you were on the Isle of Man? Where would you work? What less- actives would you see?" Too often I see that there is a line between members and missionaries. Members are missionaries, and Missionaries are members. Everyone is entitled to have good ideas and members often do! I am grateful to be in a ward where a lot of people have a lot of good ideas!

Well, it just wouldn't be right if I didn't mention Kathy in my e-mails, she is just a great car and we are getting her some Manx number plates because she has English ones currently so it will be fun, I've never had to do more administration things until I've come on my mission, I would usually depend on my parents to get things like that sorted out, but it sure is just an adventure! I got another Hair cut today, something that has revolutionased my mission is Short hair and Dax Wax. It's just so neat and clean, I look back to those times where I had long emo hair with "What was I thinking?"

A hard lesson that I had to learn at the beginnning of my mission was about becoming. I always saw the missionaries, they looked amazing, they acted professional and seemed to always know what to do. At the Beginning of my mission I just waited for that to happen to me, I waited and waited and waited, and then I realised. Missionaries just don't all of a sudden gain superpowers and are able to be fearless, bold and professional. You become fearless, bold and professional, and so I acted. I spoke to one more person everyday, I ran after people, I spoke to people on Buses until my fear just disappeared, instead of being shy I embraced all the awkwardness that the world had to throw at me, when I knocked doors I thought "wow, I don't know what to say to them, I'm just a mere 19 year old" now I say what I have to say and I say it well. A epitome that hit me was that, the people who are good count how many times they "Make it"; the professionals count how many times they "Miss it", I have learn't so much on my mission. Good is the enemy to Great! You dictate whatever you become, there is a promised blessing for every commandment, God is bound by eternal law to deliver the blessing when we are obedient, so receiving blessings and Gods help lies within our own power. It is left to the question, will you act or will you be acted upon?

I love my mission!


Elder Sapaden

"Quocunque Jeceris Stabit

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