"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekly Update 25 June 2012

First some pictures!

The first pictures are at Peel castle, we have done a little bit of touristic activities on the Isle of Man during our preparation days.

Peel is soo pretty and I am probably going to the Isle for a Honeymoon, it is so pretty, all of these Pictures were taken at peel castle. It's really nice here on the Isle of Man when it is sunny, it's a shame because a lot of the time it isn't really sunny, it's quite rainy or wet, or clouded over but when it is sunny it is so beautiful. I love where we live, we live next to the beach so it always smell like the sea, it is just simply great over here especially going home to the smell of the Sea/ Seaweed.

I just love it here. It's like a little paradise full of Fillipinos and Manx people.

More of Peel Castle,
 Then we went on top of the Highest mountain on the Isle called Snaefell or something like that,

our car took us part way there, Kathy is just an epic car, conquering every climb.

Hello Everyone,

This week has been amazingly brilliant! We have picked up a whole Chinese family that we are teaching, I love being able to speak some Chinese, it really helps we are teaching a Father, a Mother and a Son. It is just great... what I particularly enjoy is helping them understand who "God" is, because of the cultural differences, they do not already have any formed or set beliefs but when they understand that God is a Heavenly Father you can see sparks flying in there eyes. It is truely magnificent. We just seem to be racing everywhere aswell, it's great to feel busy, I think that this could easily be one of the busiet periods of my mission, it is great to be kept busy, but I love being a missionary because the level of stress and opposition is ust so much higher, but when you grow from those experiences it make those mundane, simple annoying things just seem joyful and easy.

Alot of what we have been still doing is laying the Foundation, it is a great part of it, running between people and between houses just because you want to speak to as many people as possible. I love speaking to people, before my mission and even now I wouldn't consider myself one of the most eloquent or the noblest of speakers, but when spoken simply and clearly, the spirit of the Lord just fills in the gaps and does the rest, people stop to listen to us, and on the Phillipino front, we have managed to find a whole street of them, so we knock doors there regularly. Just the other day we were invited in without any hesitation by a young phillipino man, he told us he wanted us to pray for him and we did, we taught a few principles and set up another return appointment, he told us where all the other Phillipinos play Basketball and so we shall go forward!

Something that has given me some more discipline is the Car, Kathy is a beautiful thing, she rides like a beast on those mountain roads and she always gets us home at 9.00pm on the dot. Exact obedience is the pathway to the promise. However, we are only given a certain number of miles that we are allowed to drive her in, and so it really is an orderly system, it has helped us plan wisely and made us more aware of how we can use our time wisely.

I learn't a great lesson this week. We had one day where it rained all day, my umbrella just broke, metal was bend and several metal poles on the Umbrella even snapped. It was intense. Every item of Clothing I wore was soaked through, I was cold, I was wet and it was just near impossible to smile. My shoes are still in the process of drying. I was soaked to the Core, just as if I had jumped into the Irish sea and then back out again. Well, despite this the Natural man was winning, I started to become annoyed, I was overcome and I was sad. The lesson I learn't that was that Hymns and Sciptures are sources of protection. I decided since there was no one on the streets anyway because they were all inside, as we journeyed back to the Car to get home again for a change of clothes to sing "Called to Serve". I sang it as loud as I could, I was smiling and even my companion joined me in singing, our hearts were lifted, we were again full of joy. The people in the cars driving past, stared at us probably thinking "Why are they smiling?, it's miserable outside" I felt a little insane infact. However as we sung the words "Onward, ever Onward, Forward pressing Forward" I knew what I needed to do. I just needed to keep on going. We all just need to keep on going. Sometimes we get rained on, we all feel depressed and it is easy in a world where not many people actually care to lose ourselves, to lose our purpose. My invitation is to keep on going! Try this, when you feel down at some point this week, just sing a hymn. I promise that as you really do that with all the passion of your being, that God will be by yourside to lift you up in your hours of need.

I love you all!


Elder Sapaden

"Quocunque Jeceris Stabit" 

this phrase is on all the Isle of Man money. It gives us a insight to how resiliant the Man people are, it means, Whichever way you may throw it, it will stand.

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