"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekly Update 18 June 2012

the first picuture is just taken outside our chapel, ahh.. the joys of driving!

The rest of the pictures show an Isle of Man legend, Low clouds note that our car was on top of a small hill so looking down we literally "above" the clouds, amazing isn't it?

This has to be a taste of Heaven, because a lot of imagery dictates that heaven is also "above" the clouds... I can't believe I just compared the Isle of Man to heaven, it really just must be that great of an area in my head. Another fun fact, on the Isle of Man, you can see Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, just everything, it is so scenic!

The Isle of Man is great!

Also, type in "Manx Tartan" in google, it is what I'm getting my scriptures covered in, it is a special fabric that is indiginous to the Isle of Man. It's beautiful, a member offered to do it for me (she loves knitting and sewing).


It has been a great week once again! Manx people really are great! We had our first week together as a companionship and we really are enjoying the Isle of Man. What a blessed area. I don't know if it is classed as a different country but you might aswell call it one. I love Manx people they are just so fun. You have to do certain traditions which I think is just part of the great culture. For example, you aren't allowed to say the letters R, A and T together, you have to call them "longtails" and when you pass this sign called "Fairy Bridge" you have to say "Good Morning fairies" or "Good Afternoon fairies" I love it! It is just so unique and quirky. I didn't drive through any clouds this week or any crazy roads which actually say "no motors" on them and you are expected to drive on them. Part of this week we actually spent "across" we went to England for a few days. Oh here is a tip, never call a Manx person English, that is a dangerous move, don't worry I didn't make that mistake. We took a nice Ferry over, it was 3.5 hours it was so long. I'd prefer going by Plane, it's cheaper and quicker... however, I couldn't imagine the other missionaries faces if they said "hey look at those Isle of Man missionaries, there so exclusive they are taking a Plane back to the Isle" we would be just too exclusive for missionaries.

I got a Manx tartan tie, this week Manx Tartan is just so beautiful. It's a type of Fabric that is indiginous to the Isle of Man. I'm getting my scriptures covered in it. I love those little things that "tell stories" like someone in the future will ask me about the pretty fabric on my scriptures who I would rattle on about the Isle of Man to. Here is a miracle. We were working on the Isle of Man up in the North in a place called Ramsey we saw some Chinese people and recalling the Chinese I had learn't from Elder Peterson I had a great conversation with them and they thought I could speak fluent... and I just kept saying "Yes, Really?, Good" in Chinese back to him thinking that I could understand him. We gave him our number and he seemed semi- interested but he didn't want to set up an appointment. Before he left he said in broken english: "I call this number if I want to learn about Christians?" I replied "yes" this week on the way to a teaching appointment he called us and was speaking Broken English to us saying that he wants to learn. It was amazing, no one calls us back usually by giving them our number they usually say "I'll think about it" but he, this Chinese Man had actually called us back! We are seeing him tonight!

We spend 2.5 days in Liverpool for Zone Conference, I love the Ferry it feels like we are going to a whole different world! Techinally the England Manchester Mission should be the England Manchester Mission and the Isle of Man. The Fillipino work here is going great! I'm used to being around lots of Fillipinos now, there is just so many here, we talked to like 10+ after church yesterday. They all have little communities that we are trying to tap into, there is a whole street of Fillipinos that we keep going back to, there is one e-mailing on the computer next to me, half of the tills at the tesco we go to are run by fillipinos, they work in this huge bakery in a place called Ramsey, they all work at the same hospital. You would be surprised at how huge the Fillipino population is here, it must be the biggest in europe or atleast in the UK, you know how they have "Chinatowns" they really have "Fillipino-Towns" in some areas, on some streets we talk to Fillipino after Fillipino after Fillipino, there is only a few gaps where we talk to a Manx person.

A member approached me this sunday and asked where my parents were from, I said Phillipines, she was so excited. Her less- active son is married to a Phillipino, who isn't a member. There is as many Phillipino shops here as there is Polish people in Staines/ Hounslow. Just think about that one.

Well, today after e-mailing one of the best parts of Preparation day on the Isle of Man is the tourist sites we can see, we are going to a Castle called Peel Castle and some other sites here and everywhere!

It is a great time to be a missionary!


Elder Sapaden

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