"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 16 January 2012

Weekly Update 16 January 2012


Today I have a few sentances that could try and describe the way I feel right now. "I wouldn't trade my mission for the world", "Have you ever had one of those days that you would never ever take back?", "This is what destiny feels like!" that is how I feel.We started off this week great and it finished great. My only worry right now is if we make St. Helens so righteous it might be taken up like Zion. We had a fantasstic Monday, I cannot stop but ask myself "is this really happening?" we open our mouths, people set up appointments, we are obedient and the powers of heaven descend upon us and the people we talk to are just so prepared. Missionaries in the past haven't had tremendous success in St. Helens, but right now, we are corssing boundaries that have never been pushed in a while.

My Chinese is going fantastic by the way. I can confidently hold up a conversation with a chinese person up to this point. "Hello! How are you? My friend and I are sharing a message about Jesus Christ and his Gospel. Do you have a belief in God? What brings you the most happiness? I know that God lives! My name is Elder Sapaden, what is your name?"
By the way, interesting fact:

Wo cher Sapaden Jaing Lao. Can mean "my name is Elder Sapaden" or "I am Jedi Master Sapaden", or so my companion tells me.

We are beginning to teach alot of people here, investigator after investigator. People are even beginning to stop us on the streets.
Just to tell you how clean our flat is, this week we had a flat inspection. Which usually makes missionaries feel like they have just run a mile. I was calm. The member who is assigned to inspect our flat is retired, so as you can imagine he has a very clean home, and he works in the temple! what a member to have to inspect your flat. We passed with flying colours. Our flat I would like to think is close to temple standard.

Last sunday a non-member who has been going to church for a long time, who just hasn't been baptised finally decided to approach us and ask us to be taught! It's only the beginning of a marvelous adventure. We also met a drunk man who sang to us on the street, surprisingly he had a really good voice.

So let me tell you about yesterday. It was just one of those "Epic" days.
We went to Church that was all good, I met Elder Fielder, who is doing great! he says "hi" to everyone in Staines, after that we have a tea appointment with a member. The member has us over for tea, we eat. Then he goes upstairs and pulls out a box and unwraps it and it turns out to be a keyboard so, we gave him a very musical spiritual thought. This is when the Miracle of the week happens, well you can't really rate miracles but... He told us that he felt an impression that we should deliver a package he has for a less- active member that he was supposed to deliver but felt prompted that we should do it, and so we did it!

We brought this package to this less- active family who gladly let us in their home, we were also able to have a nice conversation with them and they even gave us refferals! Giving refferals to missionaries just sparks fire into every missionaries eyes, try it sometime... stare into your missionaries eyes (not for too long, we don't like that kind of thing) and just see the excitement surging through the brain. I was given two Phillipino refferals because... well yeah. So we knocked on their doors, and not knowing too much fillipino but just full of excitement I managed to say "hello", but they shut the door on us. Was it a failure? Of course not! We are going back to that less- active family again, telling them that they weren't too keen on listening and getting more refferals and the process keeps on going!

We spent the rest of the evening with a member who has just recently returned from a mission, he is helping us with alot of investigators, and we just completely have the trust of our ward mission leader. We shared our miracle with him, he said "You know why this is happening elders? Because you are working! I dropped you home before it was 9pm you had 15 minutes left till it was 9pm, but did you stay in? No, you went back out again." We are just so supported by our ward.

I even just found out that one of my investigators in Rochdale is getting baptised. Let me tell you a little about him. My investigator in Rochdale was the most unlikely candidate for baptism, he had written books on Satanism, he had been involved in many different theorys, he even proved to us that Rochdale was going to be the New Jerusalem. Intense, right? God really works in mysterious, wonderful, marvellous ways.

I love you all!

Elder Sapaden

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