"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 9 January 2012

Weekly Update 09 January 2012

Hello Family!

This week in St. Helens has been an absolute miracle, of course we are still getting fed by members everyday! That is a wonderful thing about St. Helens, we are always fairly full.

Lets start with a miracle:
One evening we had an absolute miracle, my companion had forgotten his bus pass and I had a swollen ankle due to injury, we couldn't walk far and we couldn't take the bus because we have to stay together. The member we had a tea appointment with lived fairly far and our flat was quite a distance and even after the tea appointment we had a few teaching appointments which were spaced quite far apart. In the end we got a lift with the member who had us over for tea (by the way tea means dinner and is OK with the word of Wisdom for those foreign readers) so we had dinner with this member, by the way it was a lovely dinner a nice roast beef and everything (you can probably tell I'm hungry whilst writing this e-mail) anyhow, we left them with a spiritual thought and without asking he offered a lift to us to our next appointment. We taught our next appointment, he was very nice and he dropped us home. We didn't have to walk, we didn't have to take a bus. It was incredible. We were stranded but yet we made it through.

This week has been fairly quiet, just doing the good work and enduring to the end. We had to travel to Southport to exchange, my companion went to Southport and I stayed in Rochdale with another missionary also from London, we had some great conversations, we had been brought up in the "London" way. It's great to have people you can relate to. So I found out that the Bishop of Southport used to be a member of the Staines ward about 30 years ago, his name is Bishop Turner, we going to see him some time, but that isn't the end of the miracles.

So, Does anyone remember Elder Fielder, he is welsh and served in the Staines ward about 2 years ago? Well he is in St. Helens! it's is an amazing thing to know return missionaries who have served in your home ward, they'll look after you, they'll come teaching with you, they are just a great asset you have on your mission, I've met about 3 of the return missionaries I know who have served in Staines ward and Elder Fielder is the 4th. The Miracle doesn't stop there.

When I came into St. Helens it was the start of the new year, 28th of December, so my first sunday here was the 1st of January, and you can assume alot of people were visiting family. I had heard the Bishop of St. Helens was called Bishop Bradley and he was visiting family "down south", I wondered if he would be related to any of the Bradleys in the Staines Stake, I met him this sunday, I asked where he was from and he gave me the magical answer "Weybridge" his Father is Chris Bradley, his brothers are Peter and Phillip Bradley. Coinsidence? No. Miracle? Yes.

This work truely is directed by revelation, I was put in St. Helens I already know many people here, return missionaries, bishops and others. I am just so "in"

My Mission President actually just paid us a surprise visit this fast/ testimony sunday. I love my mission president he really is inspired, he put me in an area where he received revelation that I should be in.

I get fed alot here, I know alot of the members here, I work hard here. It's a wonderful time to be on a mission.


Elder Sapaden

P.S I got the Ukulele, thanks it is great, I Love You!

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