"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Monday, 13 February 2012

Weekly Update 13 February 2012

Hello Everyone!

It has been another great week in this part of the Vineyard! It is around day 240ish on my mission and now this just seems like normal life. But... I need to tell you: I love the Scousers and the Americans! Obviously that is quite a profound statement, but we have some American in our ward and woah! Amazing! If I ever want food I know where to go. They did this Cafe Rio style salad, a mexican style wrap and it sufficeth me to say, "I was filled". I'm quite the eater, but for something to actually fill me up, it's a miracle. I love the St. Helens ward member, this is just the Gem of the Mission, I think it just can't get any better but it seems to have only gotten better and better. Much has happened and since wednesday we have come up for some great ideas to implement this transfer.

I'll tell you of one such idea that started yesterday, we were teaching an investigator yesterday after Church, he is the Boyfriend of a church member and we were teaching Faith, I had done some preparation, but not too much was done, we had a game plan and I just wanted Elder Raybould to gauge our investigators personality and so I asked an open question: "What is Faith?" and so we went around, sharing what we thought faith is and then suddenly it was my turn to share what faith was, and for some reason my mind went blank. I didn't panic, I don't panic anymore but so I started singing: "Faith is Knowing the sun will rise lighting each new day, Faith is knowing the lord will hear my prayer each time I pray, Faith is like a little seed, when planted it will grow, Faith is a swelling within my heart each time I'm right I know" It was quite the experience, it just seems to be that... I've gotten alot Cheesier on my mission, because I sang the song and did some little hand actions too! But I bet my investigator will never forget what Faith is!

It was an inspired idea and now I am working on: the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Musical... there happens to be a song on Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End! so well... I have a Ukulele and it's a new style of teaching that my investigators will remember the principles we teach as long as they pay attention to the words. I'm also working on the Restoration the Musical and a Plan of Salvation one too! Elder Raybould is learning the Ukulele so I can do the Hand signals because he refuses to do the hand signals... I can just picture families in St. Helens saying "remember that missionary who pulled out his Ukulele and taught us about faith?" I'm confident St. Helens won't forget an Elder Sapaden anytime soon.

I love the week I've just had, because when your companion leaves you, you are pretty much in charge of the area because the other missionary doesn't know anything about the area yet, It astounds you how much you learn about one area in 6 weeks.
Miracles are still happening! We taught another lesson out in a park this week, Heavenly Father just seems to be showering us with blessings!

Oh, and why I love Scousers...they are just the nicest people on earth, sure they speak a little different but when you forget that they are quite the people, they'll always stop and talk!


Elder Sapaden

P.S I was given the nickname "St. Helens' ray of Sunshine!" I like it, because the sun doesn't shine here, so I suppose someone needs to make it shine! I feel like the Cheesiest happy bunny ever! Oh wow, I'm happy... the gospel is so true.

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