"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Weekly Update 08 February 2012

Hi Everyone!

So much has gone on since I last e-mailed, the reason why I'm e-mailing on Wednesday this week is because well it's transfer week and Elder Peterson got transferred! My new companions name is Elder Raybould and I worked with him for a little bit while I was in Rochdale, but now he is my companion again for the next 6 weeks.

So, you know how I usually try to describe how I feel with words, metaphors, visual imagery... well I've decided to take a picture this week to show you how I kind of feel. Doesn't it just scream... happy?
This week has been pretty all over the place.

An amazing experience I had this week is an Exchange with a younger missionary, it was the first time I had ever worked with a younger missionary so I didn't know what to expect, Elder Peterson went to Manchester with another Chinese speaking Elder so they could go and teach Chinese people, it was great... whilst I was left with the Younger missionary in St. Helens. We took the train to Manchester Piccadilly. Here is a great experience: we were waiting for the train back to St. Helens from Manchester Piccadilly, I was making a couple of phone calls, the younger missionary I was with just keeps on saying "I'm hungry" over and over and over again to me in Hushed whispers. We were in a fairly crowded area and it was a busy evening where people were taking the trains back home after work. When halfway through a phone call this man approaches me with a Chocolate bar, a Dairy Milk nutty one it's a pretty big one too, he hands me the bar and says "Hello" to me in Chinese because I was wearing my Chinese badge, I was stunned open mouthed and halfway through this phonecall with a member in St. Helens. He wishes us a good evening and then walks away. I gave the Chocolate bar to this younger missionary I was with to keep him quiet and after I finished the phone call we try and find him, but we lost him through the crowd. Since when do angels just stop by and give you Chocolate? It works for me. I like that Miracle.

Anyhow, we had to go and create a mormon.org profile, check mine out: http://mormon.org/me/87DG/Jared/ or just type in Jared Sapaden on Mormon.org

Anyway we went back two days later and I got Elder Peterson back I bumped into Elder Miranda again it was great! We met at Bolton because a Chinese investigator was getting baptised in Bolton it was fabulous. It has gotten considerably colder here aswell, but you find ways to keep warm, like running after people to share the gospel with them... it's always the best way.

Who wants to hear another miracle... so I was working with this younger missionary and this one day I was with him, we just happened to have no lessons planned for that day so we spend almost all our time talking to people on busses, on the streets and knocking on there doors. On this day I had planned to stop by an investigator called Janet. After lunch we headed straight to Janets home to fill some time and try and teach a lesson. Then I feel a distinct impression to stop, "Stop... Elder Sapaden, you need to talk to that man" so I did, well as soon as I looked at him he said "tell me something about Jesus" if people start out talking to you and start like that, you would think it wouldn't be the best conversation, but it was marvelous, he said "tell me something about Jesus" and so I did, he introduced himself like he knew me and I introduced myself like I knew him, it was a weird feeling, like you knew each other before somewhere it was amazing, he listened to what I said and we had a lesson right there and then, we taught him on the spot a lesson just there on the streets, we prayed together and we saw him the next day in his home... his name is Paul... and he is a miracle!

It was Elder Peterson and my last few days together, we have been best friends and St. Helens is now on a whole new level of missionary work, it started that we had no investigators to begin with and now it's a gold mine! Elder Raybould and I are going to get alon great together he has done alot of music theory himself and knows quite a bit, he is a percusionist, aswell as a great missionary.

Talk to you all on Monday as normal next week.


Elder Sapaden

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