"I know that it doesn't matter if the person you try to teach doesn't commit to anything, it just matters if you're doing your best at inviting them to come unto christ."

Friday, 29 July 2011

Week in the field!

So much has changed. I've never done this much walking in my life, I
walk so much my feet bleed, every step hurts, but... I press forward
so that someones life will change.
Well yesterday I went to church for the first time in my new area
Rochdale ward. It's a little different they start of with priesthood
then gospel principles and finish with Sacrament meeting. In Rochdale
we walk all day everyday, it's quite an experince. I've come to
realise that the England Manchester Mission is a "finding" mission, we
street contact people, we knock on doors, we even bus contact. It's
much diffeerent than I thought it would be.
I also sense a common theme, I say "I love Rochdale" and people begin
to laugh. Interesting right. The bishop of the ward even said "let's
give him a week" but I truely love Rochdale, don't get me wrong, it's
definately not an easy mission. But, it's a mission where I will
become much stronger in everyway.
Well it's P-day today and I cleaned out our apartment. It's the first
time I had to sincerely clean the apartment with real intent.
Now as for our Mission field. I've been truely blessed with the
England Manchester Mission, I'll tell you why. WE HAVE LOADS OF RULES.
Here's how it goes: Church Standard < Mission Standard < England
Manchester Mission Standard. We have plenty of Mission Specific rules
such as: Use Dignified Language: don't use words such as "guy, cool,
cheers" The requirements for investigating the Church are much higher,
and many, many, many more.
However, I rejoice in these rules (laws) for obedience to these extra
Mission specific rules (laws) will bring about many blessings. (D&C
Rest does not exsist in a mission, you are always at work.
I'm planning to mail pictures by post so hopefully you will get some pictures.
One thing I'm starting to notice is that I'm always smiling now. You
can't approach someone saying "I know this Church is true" without a
smile. Smiling all the time, it's slightly freakish but I'm sure i'll
get used to it.
One of the rules emphasised in this mission are only getting e-mails
from family, so if you wish to e-mail me hereafter it will need to be
done through my parents e-mails, so If you e-mail them, I'm sure they
will be pleased to forward it to me.
Also... another lesson I've learn't is: BUDGETING IS HARD!!!
I could bet that I've knocked 300+ doors within these 5 days.
I've already started getting rid of my comfort zone, never pass anyone
by without sharing the message of the restored gospel. I've also
learn't a hard lesson yesterday. Never be sorry for sharing the
gospel. I knocked on a door yesterday and the owner replied "you just
woke up the baby", I'm a very understanding person (I'd like to think)
and I apologised to them for waking the baby up. However, my Companion
told me afterwards that you should never be sorry because the message
of the restored gospel enables us to live with our families forever,
and that is more important. I've still got plenty I've got to get used
Sometimes, like President Gordon B. Hinckley, I think that maybe, just
maybe I am wasting my time and my money, missions are can be rough.
But his father told him "Lose yourself, and go to Work"
Missions can be blessings, so I go forth everyday trying my hardest.
We run to our apartment with 2 minutes before 9pm. from a long ways
away just so we can be EXACTLY OBEDIENT.
Sometimes it's wet and it never stops raining, it's cold and I walk so
much that my feet bleed, my legs have splints, nobody wants to listen
to me, I get a cold and when they answer the door it gets immediately
shut... But I do so because I know that this gospel will change the
persons life, I do so because I want them to be with their family
forever. I do so because I want them to be happy.
I do know that God lives.
Elder Sapaden

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