Enjoy, some pictures recently.
Me and my companion and just a rare opportunity to get the Ukulele out.

Well, what a week it has been, Bolton yet still proves to be a land of miracles. I have had one of the most successful weeks of my mission, perhaps even the most successful. We are easily one of the Highest teaching companionships in the whole mission, perhaps one of the highest in the Country. We had 34 lessons this week, it really makes me count my blessings, we have had 12 new investigators and many of them are very easily receptive to Baptism and a few of them have commited to Baptism.
We had 2 investigators at Sacrament Meeting, it is one of the greatest weeks I've had especially with being balanced in all the activities we have done. We taught a lot of lessons to investigators, we had 25 investigator lessons and we even mangaged to help with Less- Active work this week. But our week had been more than just high numbers we have had a lot of personal growth and I've been able to bless and strengthen many members of my District, I've enjoyed in my younger days as a missionary going on exchange with my District Leader and learning from them and their example, hopefully I can just live up to those same memories I had and set that example as their District Leader.
We are teaching a lot of people from Tanzania, we are teaching two families who have the desire to follow Jesus Christ, we are using our resouces such a French missionaries. It is such an exciting time, I love teaching African Families they really create a great atmosphere. It's a fun, friendly and inviting one.
A fun concept that we having been applying is something called "Celestial Days" we have been measuring the rate of success of our days with different events and if we achieve a certain number of the activities/ events we have a Celestial day. You aren't doing missionary work right, if you aren't having fun.
I've updated a lot of my Mormon.org profile, you all need to take a look at it, it is: mormon.org/me/87DG
My missionary work just went online!
I did a Musical Item this Sunday, it was my second sunday in the Bolton ward, it was just right. Their is a professional singer in the Bolton ward and we worked together and it was really good. Growing relationships with members is something that I love doing! It is really fun and I just love how we work together and create something magical.
I was focusing a lot on my feelings this week, being on my mission reminds me of how babies are, they can vary emotions very quickly, laughing one moment, crying the next, scream and shouting another but very content all at the same time. That's how I've been these past few days, I love missionary work, you grow, you stretch, you learn. It's not easy but it's possible.
I love you all!
Elder Sapaden